Lou Beckerman


My Gift to You Fifty-six minutes of sound and song for relaxation and well-being.

It is my hope that this music will nurture a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The recording is performed and offered in the spirit of healing. What I love is the ripple effect of one small, flat, round CD which, like a pebble dropped in a pool, spreads its effect outward and outward to touch so many souls.

Many of the songs in this album have been inspired by the stories and courage of my patients and students, to whom I am indebted. These songs, I would hope, speak for themselves. There are others such as ‘Kaddish’, an ancient sacred prayer in Hebrew and Aramaic, to help a departed soul on his or her journey. Also ‘Kissing A Joy As It Flies’, a meditative improvisation incorporating Tibetan singing bowl, calling us to live in the freedom of being present and responsive to this moment.

”The knowledge of what listeners actually want adds greatly to her work.” Matt Chittock, Wave Magazine

“Your CD is simply beautiful, magical, touching. So spiritual and heartfelt – it’s a wonderful piece of work of which you can justly be proud.” Dr. Liz Archer, General Practitioner

My Gift to You is used as a healing tool by many therapists, hospice workers, pain clinics, yoga teachers and hospital chaplains. It is also used by those who are grieving or dealing with serious or terminal illness, anxiety, stress or insomnia. Some of the songs are played at funerals – weddings too! Parents have reported using the music to soothe children to sleep. The album was also used for a project for social cohesion in the city of Maastricht. It seems to have a calming effect and can encourage and support the release of locked-away emotions. 

Sample Tracks

Track 1  | My Gift to You 

Track 3  | I Am Somebody Special 

Track 4  | Om Shanti 

Track 5  | You Are All You Need

Track 10 | Kaddish


My Gift to You
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My Gift to You CD 


CD includes 13 Tracks

1)   My Gift to You
2)   Song of a Winged Spirit 
3)   I am somebody special -part 1
4)   Om Shanti - I am Peace
5)   You are all you need 
6)   Motherless child
7)   Child
8)   Unsung Hero
9)   Deep Peace we shall find
10) Kaddish
11) Kissing a Joy as it Flies
12) I am somebody special -part 2
13) Sunshine warm up your face


“I just wanted you to know that in the midst of all the upheaval and also during a family member’s illness your music was, and continues to be, of great comfort.” E. Turner

“Just wanted to say I was played your CD during a relaxation session within a pain management workshop and thought it was beautiful. I now have it played every time I go for acupuncture treatment.” Nina Brown

“The first time I listened to ‘My Gift to You’ I was absolutely spellbound by the beauty of Lou’s voice and music. I felt very uplifted.” J.E.

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